Garage Ceiling Storage for the Best Design Ideas Plans

Mounted Garage Ceiling Storage Shelves

Garage ceiling storage is not a hard thing at all. It is applicable easily and also extremely affordable. Overhead storage in your garage is by a handy do it right yourself person. You can create new storage spaces instantly.

Today, the typical home garage has a big open attic area of storage space that not in use. Typically, this space isn‘t a functional space. It also requires improvement for use as overhead or ceiling storage. Generally, improvements include plywood coverage during the open floor joists. A drop down ladder for safe entrance towards the attic coming from the garage floor level. And also perhaps enhancing lighting. And also a direct wired or wireless storage lift solution. These are to obtain your items safely inside the attic space. These improvements are by a do it right yourself homeowner. Your recent overhead garage storage all starts having a plan.

Garage Ceiling Storage Plans

Make a decision about what items you plan on storing.

Measure the attic space before you begin doing improvements. So you will know just simply the amount space you should have.

Consider your garage ceiling storage weight requirements. The structural floor capacity is an important issue. And also the design of your respective garage. They must support anything you like to store. Your improvements must adhere to local city and also state building codes. We recommend which you get yourself a permit before actually starting any attic improvements.

Make use from the garage ceiling joists which are generally 24 on center. And actually in good shape. It‘s possible that you‘ll need to feature additional joists take place 16 on center. This is to feature support within your garage structure.

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Consider dry walling the particular garage ceiling that includes insulation. This‘ll provide you with a finish look towards the garage.

Take a look at a drop down retractable ladder to provide you with admittance to the attic.


Save your back, a storage lift solution can safely lift 200 lbs. Which coming from the garage floor straight up into your recent attic. This lift solution provides you a chance to store nearly anything safely. Which also provides you immediate admittance to your items. Yes without climbing over piles of boxes, lifting, carrying, and straining yourself. This solution is extremely affordable. It is even available having a wireless remote.

When one thinks of planning your garage ceiling storage and attic space, consider your requirements. Thus for off the ground storage and organization for example storage cabinets. As well as shelves, wall storage with hooks to hang things. And open baskets to carry things. Just a little extra planning and a little investment will make an enormous difference inside the organization. Along with access of all of your stored possessions.

Ceiling Organization Options Ideas

You may construct an overhead rack from wood. This idea involves the right tools for cutting wood, along with just a little carpenter skill and time. For anyone that is comfortable fastening, cutting, and measuring. This process could possibly be right for you personally. Many sites supply free blueprints for hanging shelves. Therefore you need not become an engineer. However one downside is your decking will likely become a section of wood. It is disadvantageous to wire decking. Since you cannot see through this type of decking. You could not recognize what you stack inside the deeper areas of your respective shelf.

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Subsequent option usually is to install a metal storage shelf upon the ceiling. If you possess the professional equipment and also a supply of angle iron. You can construct one by yourself. But I predict you won‘t save yourself much money. Your own personal solution is worthy. Do not forget to think about the price of decking. If you opt to simply purchase an overhead shelf. You have many brands to select from including Strong Racks, Topp Rax, Onrax, SafeRacks, and Hyloft. This is not an entire collection of brands. Please read my other posts as I intend to carry out overview of each of these brand names.


I frequently see an image floating around on social media sites (Pinterest ) of 2×4’s attach with a garage ceiling storage. They are creating tracks shape like an upside down letter ‘T’ that has red totes. Ones that slip towards the tracks. As neat because setup seems, the distinctive bins with sturdy lips all around the top are pricey. To the price to obtain a number of totes, you can just also purchase a rack along with pay someone. Yes to install it on your behalf.

Moreover, the containers are not transparent. I‘m a stickler for creating use of clear bins for long-term storage simply. Because it could be very easy to forget what items you kept in each container. Labeling could be sufficient whenever you mark a minimum of two sides of your respective bin. And never store anything inside the container that doesn‘t belong to that label. Or maybe keep it uncomplicated and produce use of transparent bins.

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Extra Garage Ceiling Storage Tips

It is also possible to show unused ceiling space into space for storing. It is installing narrow shelving all around the edge of your respective garage. Once again, you have the choice to purchase or build. A two-foot shelf is enough size to store one row of totes. This type of shelving won‘t tempt you into burying your bins behind one another.

However I hate a waste space in the center of the ceiling. One especially impressive solution you are able to purchase on the web is that the Monkey Bar storage shelf. They provide several configurations by assembling standard pieces in a number of combinations. Their product you could purchase as a ski rack, tool rack, shelf kit, etc. I specifically am keen on easily moveable hooks. It enables me to shuffle how I originally create to become my ideal order of hooks. I decided on little better method of organizing the hooks. This type of mixing isn‘t fun when I make use of numerous individual nails and hooks.

My closing suggestion for hanging storage is really a power lift. Smaller units such like the Racor brand lift has lower weight limits of 250 lbs. Garage Gator sells a flexible system of motor-driven cables. And hooks with an identical capacity. As well as for the serious lifts, look into the Loft-It storage lift. This monster supplies a 1200 pound capacity which suggests you are able to put a lawn tractor, motorcycle. Or small watercraft in it. It‘s costly, but less expensive than building an additional garage!

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