Laundry Rooms for Best Design Decor and Functionality Ideas

Laundry Rooms Layout Ideas

Whether in the basement or near the bedroom, laundry rooms should always be about organized and convenient space. Making the visually attractive and practical laundry room is indeed a must. This is indeed if you want to do your laundry in a much better way. There are some elements to consider. You may need plans so that each of them in the right place.

The workstation should always provide easy access. An ideal arrangement is indeed a must to take into account. The furniture that multi-functional like laundry cart on wheels is certainly a good piece. In this article, you will learn the complete characteristics of fine laundry rooms. Pictures on gallery help in the description.

Best Laundry Rooms Ideas and Pictures

In small laundry room designs, compact machines mean lesser space taken. Stackable models offer larger capacity to maximize your laundry works and the space too. In small and narrow space, they will work well. The proper sink and space are to require to be able to store the laundry.

The closet is the space for your works? Then 5′-6″ wall to wall is to require at the minimum. 5 feet clear door opening is also a must. 30″ inside closet depth should also be exist. These are must haves in small laundry room designs. An ironing board will be giving enough space. A linen closet at least with some shelves will make a fine completion to practicality with efficiency. Well, the appliances should fit through when opening them.

Dedicated electrical circuits are to require by each of the existing appliances. This is for the practicality anytime you are about to change or makeover the room.

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An easy access to your water lines pipes is an important element. Deciding the location should be about the better look and feel. This is when doing a repair on the broken or leaking pipes. You should also consider in the drain. Any future leaks you should prevent. Floor plans are important here. High quality hoses are a recommendation for the durability although more expensive.

Decent size laundry room spaces are 8 by 10 minimum. Including the cabinets is indeed a must not to miss at all. More useful and organize laundry rooms are indeed by the support of correct cabinetry. Maximizing space around it like having shelves, signs and other wall decor will be just nice. Wall mounted cabinets are space saver and sophisticated too.


Layout is indeed the very first thing to see when making the plans for any room. IKEA laundry ideas will help you in incorporating different features into a set. Browse for pictures to get some view about the ideas. Pinterest is nice as well as this site.

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